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2020 KX 450 90s Retro


This is a bike mod for the OEM 2020 Kawasaki 450, I designed it after the 1990s skins Kawasaki used, I originally made it because this the bike I wanted and couldn’t find it on the mods website, but after I was finished I figured why not share it, I hope you like it, if there are any suggestions for other retro bikes comment and I will try my best at it, this is my first mod for this game or any other for that matter, had a lot of fun making it.

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2020 OEM Kawasaki 90s Retro
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why is this under tracks bro…


I’m curious why you’ve done a paint for a deprecated OEM bike, as that is no longer really supported.
Good work though, I’ve fixed your categories even though we don’t list the old Kawasakis anymore.