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2022 Ultimate OEM Tyre Patch



While we were working on the new OEM version for later this year, Jesse dug through hundreds of references towards tyre sets and figured that our stock tyres aren’t really “realistic”.

With the release of beta 17 and the huge traction issue we have especially on powerful bikes like the 450 4 strokes and no fix or patch coming from the developer and the massive amount of complaints from the racing community, we quickly figured we should patch the tyres on our own and prevent this ship from sinking even more.


And here we are: The 2022 Ultimate OEM Tyre Patch by yours truly, Jesse Mulock!


Keep in mind this is a somewhat dirty fix to bring back some fun to the game. This patch will probably be obsolete once the new OEMs or Beta 18 arrives us, but this is the current state-of-the-art we want to ship with the new revision of OEM bikes.

We also see this opportunity as a feedback pool for what we’re working on for the OEMs later this year. So your feedback is more than welcome!


The patch adds 2 tyres to the front and 3 tyres to the rear. You can still use PiBoSo’s original tyres if these work better for you, but you have the option to choose between following sets:


  • PiBoSo Midsoft
  • 80/100-21
  • 90/90-21

  • PiBoSo Midsoft
  • 100/90-19
  • 110/90-19
  • 120/80-19

The tyres are selectable in the in-game garage.

Note: This is the easiest we could do before updating the +2GB pack of OEM bikes.

Note: It will definitely cause issues and people complaining about Bike Mismatches, but to make the game more enjoyable again, this is the only way of doing it.


In the pack you’ll find the “default” installation which patches a file for each OEM MX Bike to use the various tyres we’ve added to the p_mx wheels. It will also come with the stock tyre p_mx.pkz packed and locked – because without, you’d have invisible tyres.
You can still use Giopanda’s Dunlop as well as the Maxxis wheels, just replace the p_mx.pkz. Also included in this ZIP. See below for installation instructions.

Important Note: The hotfix for Gio’s tyres are NO LONGER needed, as this fix here covers it all. All servers and players have to have this installed to prevent Bike Mismatch as much as possible.


EVEN MORE IMPORTANTER NOTE: This patch will also be used in the 2022 ARL Nationals Championship!


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1 - 129.2 MB

Mod Instructions

Open ZIP and move the tyres and bikes folders from "0. INSTALL FIRST" into your MX Bikes mods folder.
If you want, you can also install GioPanda's custom wheels from the ZIP. Simply choose which one you'd like to use and move the tyres folder into your mods folder AFTER you've installed the patch. This will simply replace the stock PiBoSo wheels p_mx.pkz.
Overwrite existing files or remove them beforehand!

Support insane!

Any support is greatly appreciated! ♥

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now i must say,

this is pog




Already found Ideal setups for my team, and love the traction difference. Able to not get bad bike physics going into a rut straight now. Thanks!


can you help me with some setups???

Cody James

guys where do i donate to jesse


Really not sure. I looked everywhere for a donation link. Will keep looking….


truly the 8th wonder of the world. i don’t even think that clown has a dono link


this just proves that no amount of traction will make me faster lol the mod is magical!

jihaddist camel

I have bluetooth tires now

Motorcai [MotohUS]

youre so sexy holy shit


bro you just fixed the game for them


Keep up the amazing work guys


Literally fixed the game. Good work boys.


whatd i do wrong? downloaded the mod and whenever i change my tyres my game crashes


any luck? im having the same issue

Amber Turd

did you take the 2 folders inside “0 install first”, Bikes and Tyres and paste them into the mods folder? There should already be a bikes and tyres folder in the mods folder but just copy the new ones in and thats it.


Yea i got it figured out im not sure what happened. I am now getting a bike mismatch I think in the description it said that should be taken care of?


same here, i reinstalled everything and same outcome


This mod is major poggers. It actually feels like when you break the back end loose it doesn’t just continue to feel like you are on a sheet of ice. You gradually start gripping again. So much more controllable.


I’ve wondered why those drop down menus didn’t do nothin… just waiting fer mulock to come along and finish the game i guess.


Thanks you Jesse and Dom. Really appreciate the hardwork you guys put in

Restart Rage WCR Racing

Great job


Jesse, you are a scholar AND a pimp!


after i apply the tyers, when i leave the garage the tyres go back to stock




This is what OEM bikes were missing, these tyres made game fun again.
Great Work Jesse!

Last edited 18 days ago by KlaussD.


Amber Turd

This is so good I might not poop on your bed….no promises.


anyone else getting the bike mismatch error now?


The 450s are so much more rideable and they pull like a freight train out of corners now. Great work!



leo escobar

they did my bike go like a snail

Cal 244

Here’s mine
250: Front 90/90 Rear 110/90
450: Front 90/90 Rear 120/80
Plz share yours so we can help each other find the best setups!

Amber Turd

What feels the best for me is actually
250&450 Front stock mid soft – Rear 110/90
When I would run the modded tires on the front it seemed like I would tuck the front end much easier. Maybe I just haven’t done enough laps yet but I was able to run the fastest laps with this setup. I’m curious to see if anyone else feels the same with this setup.

Amber Turd

After doing some laps on a few different tracks I was having problems with the front end tucking so I ended up running the stock mid soft tires on the front and the 110/90 on the rear and it feels really good. I didn’t start playing untill beta17 so it might just be I’m comfortable with that front end. Anyone else try this yet?


my game is saying bike mismatch and i downloaded the new patch need help


Its probably because of the server you are joining isnt supporting this tire mod


My only issue so far is the sandier tracks (sandbox, redbud 2000 etc). They seem to have even less traction now. Is that due to the tire mod or is that just an issue with b17? Overall its a great fix I just wish I could still ride sand tracks normally>

Last edited 17 days ago by MoistBananas

is there anyway you can get this to work on other models the oem bikes since i don’t use those models, just wondering if there is a way to make this work on the cbmx bikes beccasue i tryed playing with files and nothing worked and would be cool if you could still use pibso wheels too


The tyres are sweet, But super slippery on sandy sections. For example go ride the JS7 national track and you’ll notice what I mean. The clay sections are mint but the sand sections are more slippery than they were before


Is it going back to the stock piboso tires everytime you change it to the mod tires for anybody else? Dunlop tire mod installed AFTER tire mod!


So the problem is for anyone wondering, I was selecting the tire from the right side menu of the garage. You have to go to left side, under general and do it from there!


this somehow got rid of my option to pick oem bikes in game evn though they are still in my folders anyone else have this problem


Has anyone messed around with tire pressure while using this mod ? been testing the crap out of it wondering what others are running.


do i have to replace all the bikes to? and if i do will i lose all my paints for the bike?



Last edited 12 days ago by pinhead

Says 500 internal Error when I go to download anyone know why?


internal server error.any1 know why?


nvm paste this link into search bar and it will download


Hey, i’m hoping I can get a little help here.
I have now tried atleast 100 times to install this mods whitout succes. I have tried to copypaste as suggested and it dosnt work. I have tried to delete the previous folders. Nothing is working.? im looost