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Albany Supercross


!!This Is A Work In Progress Please Don’t Expect It To Be Amazing!!

Albany Supercross. A Replica of Albany Supercross, Albany OR, USA. This track is mostly just a MX track but I marked it as a compound as well cause it has a small unfinished SX track (The grass track) and a oval track. The track has a couple free ride jumps. The Track is a bit rough mixed with smooth, some premade ruts This track only uses the MXB textures. This is also my first track. Some constructive criticism and tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Made for Beta 17.


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the bendito

Not showing up in game for some reason, tho it does look pretty cool

the bendito

but for your first post it looks good

the bendito

idk man maybe get one of the good track creators like tfc to help you cuz it still is not working but ill be back tomorow, hope you get it working 🙂


Do you have to download each file individually? Mediafire won’t let you download the file all at once unless you have a premium account. Never had any problems till now.

the bendito

the supercross track is pretty fun, but for the motocross track it is kind of difficult to get through the corners and its really slippery. also i know this is ur first track but for your next just fine tune the jumps polish them up make them really nice and use soil type that is good for tyre patch 2.0

“OTTO” Otto_Rocket

I got it to work. You just have to go into winrar and go into the “alby super” folder and the readable file is in there

the bendito

yea i tried to do that i didnt work


seriously curious, did you test ride this track before release or did you have other riders test ride it?


super hyped to see how it turned out ive been waiting for someone to make it for the longest time now thanks for the release ryder!