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AMP Energy Kawasaki Public Bike


This is my first ever attempt at making a skin, I think it turned out OK.

Thanks to:

dizzy_A for the plastics

Ruben Kuilder for the kx model

GreenLenux for the skinning tutorial

Constructive criticism welcome.

UPDATE: 5/10/2022

-Added borders to the edges of number plates

-Changed the front fork decal positioning, and added a renthal decal

-Modifications to the Rekluse clutch cover

-Added my bike #526

Thanks to GreenLenux for the feedback, I appreciate it 🙂


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AMP Energy KX Public+#526

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Nice first attempt! Some stuff are a bit odd, like the black rekluse logo on the clutch cover or the big Dunlop logo on the shrouds, but you’ll improve with time and practice 😀

05/11/2022: I see you’ve changed some stuff, it looks already better. Can’t wait to see what you’ll make next!

Last edited 4 days ago by GreenLenux