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Dade City Mx – 3 Layouts


Dade City Mx is in central Florida. It’s one of the most well known and highly regarded amateur racing tracks in Florida. The layouts are a replica of what it was IRL in early spring of 2023 based on google maps.

There are 3 Layouts

3 – Whole Track

This is the whole track. Right there in the name. It’s the same as the big track, only with a detour through the sand portion of the property. That back area has sand material so be careful.

2 – Big Track

This layout is the entirety of the soil based track area. The start line takes you through the inner part of the track and then merges with the track one turn before the start finish line, but this is the only time that part is used. The cones will guide you on your way to greatness.

1 – Dade City Florida

This is the area of track that’s used for night racing. It has lights, but this is the day version. No night version yet. When I learn how to make a night version I’ll release that as my first night track, and I’ll make it a completely different layout because Dade City changes their layout all the time and I want to replicate that in the future with a Night Race version, but that is TBA.



There is a turn track in the woods to the right of the track, behind the final turn before the start finish line. This is a replica of the track my friend had in his back yard when we were growing up. The trailer belonged to his uncle, who, allegedly, blew it up while doing some “redneck chemistry”. RIP to his crazy uncle, he was a real one, he watches over the turn track.

There is a sand trail to the left of the track, behind the starting gate. Be very careful, not only is it sand traction, but these strange animals have started showing up, and one of them burned down the back left corner of the property! It’s not all bad though, they uncovered a dang space ship that crashed and had been covered by the overgrowth until that fire. Just keep an eye on them so they don’t burn anything else down by accident.



Thank you Resolute Kraken for the incredible track builder and tutorials for it.

Thank you Kellz, Red Rider and Cody James for the trees, they are the best trees, best in the world possibly –

Dylan44, Resolute Kraken, Molto Agitado, TFC, all the others I cant remember that made the youtube tutorials I used to learn how to make this. Thank you.

Thank you to Tupac for the Lidar information, it was a very useful reference when I made the heightmap and I’ll probably use that for the rough/advanced difficulty version I hope to make in the future. Sorry for the edit I just felt bad aboth forgetting this one.

Thank you to everyone in the track mod page of the discord for answering all my questions.

I hope you all enjoy.


If you look at the track map in this one, I am located at the turn track. I wanted to show the track map but I realized it kinda looks like the track map is broken with my dot being where it is, but be rest assured, the track map and timing gates all work as intended. I tested every layout in race mode to make sure they all work.

There is pre-made roughness on the jumps and berms.

The extended sand portion of the track.

The turn track.

This is an example of what the in game deformation looks like on the track surface.

Troyjannn suggests a high erode to make your own ruts and I completely agree. I wanted this track to have a smooth face for you to make your own ruts because I like the in-game deformation ruts.


Made for Beta 18.

Mediafire link

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