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Interested in racing?

Diabolica MX




3 raceable tracks

DIABOLICA MX – Intermediate

DIABOLICA Jnr – Beginner

El Diablo Special Test – Fun

40 gates and pits


STREAMERS AND YOUTUBERS: I have put countless hours placing objects, grass and shadows and would appreciate EVERYTHING being left in for any videos and streams. There is nothing worse than putting in all the time an effort creating this and being excited to see you use it and then it looks like crap because you turned everything off. If your rig can’t handle it, please don’t use my track. Thanks for understanding.


Diabolica MX is a sprawling complex built in and around the hills of El Diablo. Take the scenic route on the El Diablo Special Test enduro loop that takes in part of the junior track, warm up on Diabolica Jnr or test your luck on the main track; the behemoth that is Diabolica MX. Study the track maps for starting lines for the tracks as they are not easily identified on track (but there is a big sign).


450’s & 250 2T will need finesse, timing and throttle control. 250f’s & 125 2T need to be on point and precise with the main track.

Use the Broadcast Camera sets for the best replay results.

My setup runs these tracks  @120 – 200 FPS easily.  If you are struggling, its a PC issue, not a track issue.


As always, there are many people to thank:

TFC – amazing tutorials and an amazing inspiration. Honestly the GOAT imo.

Fat Muppet – Killer objects and technical support.

Red Rider – Killer objects and technical support.

Agitato – Killer Objects.

Mulock 22 – Testing, detailed feedback and testing again. You’re an MVP man.

Mouklab – Testing, detailed feedback, technical support and tutorials.

Logan EW – for the tips on ES.

Resolute Kraken – Tutorials and track builder tool.


This is my most ambitious project to date and took me well out of my comfort zone trying some new techniques and learning a lot along the way. I’m proud of this not matter what. Proud because after Coastal Park I was never making another track, but here we are. Who knows what the future holds.


If I have missed anyone out, please let me know and I will add you. I have a memory like a gold fish and 3 months down the line it’s easy to forget!


Finally, if you like my track and want to see more content like this – donate. Its as simple as that friends. I don’t expect to get rich, not interested. But every single cent I have ever received has gone back into the community in the form of new PC equipment, tracks and objects to make your experience more immersive and fun. I donate a ton of my own money to other creators but rarely, if ever, receive donations from the general community as a whole outside of other track creators.

Thanks for the journey so far; good, bad or indifferent. All the best!




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Mod dependencies


Made for Beta 17.

Track Version - Mega
Track Version - Media Fire
Server Version - Mega
Server Version - Media Fire

Mod Instructions

Place the track version in your mods/tracks/motocross folder.

Server versions will have a (1) or (2) after the name. Remove these prior to uploading to dedicated servers.

DO NOT download a server version without having the full track file or you will get a black screen and be unable to use the track.

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i might stream without 3d grass plz dont sue me


Awesome track man! This might be one of my favorite tracks the flow is insane with huge jumps and I like the hard packed dirt texture you used! Keep it up!


Great job on this one Higgo. Track’s super fun!

Vibin In Hawaii

good job my friend 10/10


Cries in 1070ti


Track looks and rides really good.
Great Job Higgo you should be proud of this!


Wait.. so if I don’t have 3d grass on you’re going to spank me?


This is so good Higgo. Ripping the CR500 around here is a blast. Thanks for all your hard work.


No worries man.


Nice Job on this one dude!

Cody James

Awesome job as usual Higgo!
<3 <3


Absolutely stunning track Higgo. The attention to detail here is insane <3 I speak for all of us when i say thank you!! 20/10