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Dusty’s Vengeance Kit



Hello everyone!, Today i will be releasing my first full kit made from Cranks Custom Creations, it contains a custom Alpinestar sm10 Helmet, 100% Goggles, Thor Gear, Thor Gloves, A 450 Suzuki and a 250 Suzuki. Everything contains both a PUBLIC and a NUMBERED version.

The kit is very simple to download as well, simply download from the link and drag and drop over your mods folder!

I would like to thank LOGAN341 for the Suzuki psd. Cody James for the amazing Glove psd, Insane and the OEM crew for the bike and an off topic thank you for TFC for making the sick ARL track today and also my brother Austin for giving an extra opinion on some things.

If you would like to purchase your own kit, add me on discord and we can get you fixed up! Dusty#5456



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