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posted by iNsane

12. Dec 2018

Florida Tracks & Trails

Forum thread:
Original author: Vortex_Damien, Asdrael & Geofanatec



today we bring to you Florida Tracks and Trails Pro Track. track is mixture of 3 different types of soil/dirt, so it makes for great racing. super fun track to shred laps on and deformation works amazing on it :) . Track heightmap and finish building was done by me, finishing up and textures were done by Asdrael, and geo did camera and marshals. badstar had started on textures but we eventually come up with the idea to have Astradel do them..

Damien and Kyle Watts - Heightmap/Finish Building
Asdrael - Textures,objects placement,and all the fancy stuff
Geo - Cameras and Marshals
badstar - Starting track textures sorry we didnt use them


Installation instructions:
Move the folder/.pkz file inside the .zip into your MX Bikes/mods/tracks/ directory.

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