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Frosty’s KXF PSD – Beta 15 OEM’s


Here is my PSD for the 2020 KXF for the Beta 15 OEM’s. Lots of custom textures included. Please take your time and read through the .txt file included. It should answer alot of questions you would have! If you are going to release your own skins with these I just ask that you give credit. All credits found in PSD. Don’t forget to show them some love too!

Updated 02/04/21

Updates for KXF include
-New exhausts (thanks to Logan341 for the idea with the carbon tip)
-New Seat Cover
-New Fork Textures
-New Cutout

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i used this spent 3 hours making graphics put them in the game and nothing came up any help???


like its in the game but graphics on bike are blank???



Last edited 3 months ago by NHKM67

I can not get this template to load my design in game. Worked fine on the Honda. Any help would be great, bike skin loads in as the base in game model every time I try to pack it. My Discord is Shirbz#8263 It could be such a simple little mistake that you may see right away. Was hoping I could screen share with you