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Interested in racing?!AoUDrdIugfJSuRWPYNtKJM8-xoWz?e=c2qKsF



Hope you link if you want the psd add my discord

Van meel#6184

Just please dont paint read it, it took me a week to read so please dm for psd <3

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lets go. thats a cop


looks nice!
can i please ask why you dont want people to paint read and for them to dm you instead? I am brand new here and trying to understand how things work here. recently started trying to learn gimp so i could make content as well, so i understand how long it takes to make skins like this. I dont think most people realize how time consuming it is! Also are you not wanting people to add their own numbers to the bike or are you not wanting people to change your bike?
thanks for your time.


thanks for letting me know. Ive seen on here people getting upset over several things like this or if credit is given or not. I dont want to upset anyone. I dont like any of the ingame fonts so I started putting my own numbers on bikes i liked with the font style like you see on the pro bikes. Then i started adding numbers to some bikes to make them look like the pro riders so i could use them and make multiple ghosts in practice mode since we dont have a.i. riders yet. I was wondering if I should post them incase others want to use them too but didnt know if people would get upset.
And ofcourse I would give all the credit to the original creator, I dont care about credit at all. was just trying to be nice. what do you think?


thanks, I asked one guy that i added numbers to one of his bikes but he never responded. I dont think people should care but you never know.
Ijust really dont like the way it looks when i use the in game fonts. when some people post their bikes they have a picture of their bike with numbers theyve put on for themselves that look very good, but then when we use the fonts in game they dont look anything like that. thanks for the advice.