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How to submit a mod the right way


Hello guys.

So as there’s an growing amount of people publishing mods to MXB-M, I’d like to introduce you into how to submit a mod correctly, as there may be some disappointments in how this page works.

Let’s begin:

Step 1:

Go to the submit page.

Step 2:

Are you the original author or not? Give credits to those who made the stuff you submit!

Step 3:

Give your submission a short title.

Step 4:

Select the correct category for your submission.

As this is a bike skin only, it’s enough to select the Paints underneath “Bikes all”.

In case you’re submitting stuff which fits into more than one category, you will be asked (not forced!) to select a second category. For example the WeekendWarriors Skin Collection as it contains team bike skins AND team gear skins.

Step 5:

Upload a thumbnail picture. You can either make yourself a nice looking one which aims directly on what you’re submitting, or you can simply upload a screenshot.

Just make sure to create a .jpg or .png without transparent background, or it will look crappy like that:

Normally you can’t submit something without uploading a thumbnail picture, as it will reload the page and give you an error message. If there’s no thumbnail picture included (what ever causes this weird error, have to figure it out.) I will hit you up on Discord or on the forum.

Step 6:

Give your submission a nice and good looking description.

For further changes and to create more structure and a better looking description, maybe add something like that:

The formatting system of posts is actually very wide spreaded. Be creative, include pictures, highlight stuff. Feel free to do what you want!

Step 7:

Select the file you want to upload.
There’s actually two ways.

Way 1:

For actual compatibility reasons I’d suggest you to especially upload your .pkz’s with how it’s written down in the UPLOAD FILE description as the name is absolutely important for the online experience of MX Bikes. Don’t use spaces, use underlines “_” instead.

If your mod is bigger than 50mb, you can tick the checkbox and insert an URL to an external filehoster where your file is stored at.

Way 2:

If you’re uploading a track or a bike (which is definitely way bigger than 50mb) the UPLOAD FILE part will disappear and the EXTERNAL DOWNLOAD LINK part will appear.

Step 8:

Submit it! After you clicked on the button, your browser will upload your files (thumbnail and the file you selected) and your pointer will start rotating. Keep the page open and wait for it to finish.

Step 9:

You’re done. The submission got pushed into our pending review system and we are going to check if everything is fine.


And that’s all. If you have any questions or problems with submitting your stuff, feel free to comment down below. If there are any misunderstandings I’d to listen to you.


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