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i4MX – Private Test Track


I’ve passed by this track several times while driving on i4 and I thought it had been abandoned, so for my first track mod I decided to make an abandoned version of this place to simulate finding it long after the previous owners left it. I included a “clear track” version with no 3d grass on the track like I mowed it, or did a controlled burn. The idea was to make a track that was so abandoned that grass was growing through it but it’s a thin enough layer that your bike can easily break through it and you can wear it into full dirt as the race progresses.

It is a stretch but it should be possible to jump through the house and possibly over it, but that is not part of the track, that’s just for fun.

The track works best with a 250 4-stroke but it’s not too small for the big bikes and the 125’s can make all the jumps.

I made some ditches along the interstate that are a bit exaggerated to make them feel like skatepark bowls. I also included a “snake” feature in the grass that you would find at a skatepark leading into one of those ditches. The grass dunes in the forest and along the edges of the map have some fun potential transfers, big sends, and the grass has soft soil grip so you should have an easier time on it than normal grass.


Thank you Kellz, Red Rider and Cody James for the trees, they are the best trees, best in the world possibly –

Dylan44, Resolute Kraken, Molto Agitado, TFC, all the others I cant remember that made the youtube tutorials I used to learn how to make this. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone in the track mod page of the discord for answering all my questions.

I hope you all enjoy.



Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

Mediafire link

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