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MSMs with Handguards


With this mod it’s possible to have every Motocross MSM bike with handguards. An often suggested feature!

If you want to have the MX MSMs with handguards equipped like the new 450SM, this mod is made for you.

One downside though:
If you’re using the mod, the MSMs which you’ve installed will be equipped with handguards. This means that everyone who’s riding the same bike will have the handguards equipped too. There won’t be bikes added, the MSMs will only be replaced. And because of the ability to switch out models, the bikes are still rideable online and you won’t have any problems connecting or playing online.

Installation instructions:
Move the .pkz files which you want inside the .zip archive into your MX Bikes mods/bikes/ folder and you’re done.

The paints in your bikes folders (eg. /bikes/350xf/paints/) will still be visible in game!

Everything in this mod is made by PiBoSo and I only changed/added some files between the 450SM and the MX bikes.

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I cant figure out how to put these on my bikes, does it only work for models with handguards on them? and if there’s some kind of tutorial or someone that’ll help me that would be awesome.

Mano this hand protector only works on MX1 Or without mod

I have a problem. When im riding kx250f after i downloaded this, the bike is not visible when watching replay. Only the wheels are showing. The bike is completely visible for me while riding tho. Anyone else got this problem?


Dont think so, i extracted the files in to the MX2OEM_2022_Kawasaki_KX250F folder.