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MX Bikes beta 10 released


MX Bikes beta10 available: Download: ( mirrors would be extremely helpful and welcome ) How to update:
Release Notes – the bike lean control has been changed to not be linked to the estimated max grip. To unlock the full lean disable “Lean Help” in MX Bikes -> Settings -> Simulation -> Riding Aids – the terrain deformation and collisions are now enabled by default in multiplayer Modding: – since the rear wheel gyroscopic simulation has been fixed, it should now be possible to use the correct inertia for direct drive ( for example electric ) engines
Full changelog: MX Bikes beta10 – 2018/11/22Mx Bikes beta10 available. fix: rear wheel gyroscopic simulation fix: improved the chain simulation fix: improved the automatic rider L/R lean fix: multiplayer collisions fix: pitboard in race fix: flags in race fix: rider lean animations fix: right boot onboard model fix: added the 250x, 450xf and 450sm bike model LODs fix: 450sm bike model fix: improved Maryland track fix: background rendering in high resolution screenshots fix: Mesa 3D shaders errors new: changed the bike lean control new: spectator support new: revised Club track

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