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MX Bikes beta 11 released


MX Bikes beta11 available:

( mirrors would be extremely helpful and welcome )

How to update:

Release Notes
– a clean installation is strongly recommended ( especially for this release, because the controls settings file format has been changed )
– since MX Bikes is a 64 bit only application the default installation folder has been changed to “Program Files”

– the collisions parameters have been tuned
– the terrain rendering has been optimized for better performances

– now only the cast votes count for a poll result
– the “Free Roam” camera FOV adjustment is now non-linear
– “Max Power” in the “Bike Info” page has been changed from kW to HP ( please note that modders still have to use kW in the INI file, though )

– the suspensions geometry of all bikes should be adjusted to take into account the preload fix
— the forks should be raised and “shock_minlength” ( the rear suspension Min Length ) decreased, by an amount equal to the default preload
– it is also recommended to add a bumpstop to the rear suspension. Example data can be found in the CFG file of the stock bikes
– the chain animation has been changed:
– it is now possible to add custom track layout objects
– the limit of 100 track layout objects has been removed
– a “plastic” material has been added for the walls
– the “plastic” material can now also be used for the track layout objects
– the “shadow” and “ambientshadow” models no longer need to be set in the “cockpit” section of the gfx.cfg file of the bikes, tyres and boots
– the maximum number of engine sound samples per layer has been increased from 10 to 20
– temporary models should be set for bikes and tyres. To simplify the task, shared temporary models have been added. Please check the stock
“gfx.cfg” files for examples

Full changelog 04.07.2019:
Mx Bikes beta11 available.

fix: suspensions preload simulation
fix: automatic shift
fix: stopped bike behaviour
fix: holes generated in the terrain by crashed bikes
fix: quick race mode
fix: track marker changing track
fix: trainer loading
fix: head tracking
fix: Oculus support
fix: crash when an Arduino Micro is connected as joystick
new: bump stop simulation
new: bike reset helper
new: option to disable the dynamic track surface
new: free roam camera tracking mode
new: trackside objects animation support
new: live screens support
new: controller rumble
new: detailed data mismatch information
new: widescreen user interface


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