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MX Bikes beta 13 released


MX Bikes beta13 available:

( mirrors would be extremely helpful and welcome )

How to update:
( not needed anymore through Steam )

Release Notes
– The Automatic Rider F/B Lean setting has been restored
– The manual rider L/R lean override now works on the ground, too
– The bike lean during wheelies has been changed
– The air controls have been tuned

– The waiting times during straight rhythm have been greatly reduced, especially in testing mode

– Gearbox preload and direct sit no longer need to be assigned as separate controls
– It is now possible to set the gain for the lean and throttle controls
– The lean control default linearity for the XInput and DS4 controllers has been increased from 50% to 100%
– Added the Windows Taskbar icon

– The maximum name length is now enforced
– Added support for negative positions in fonts
– Fixed the IK links debug mode:

Full changelog 04.11.2019:
Mx Bikes beta13 available.

fix: air controls over 90 degrees angles
fix: jump start bug
fix: wrong pit position
fix: connection freeze during a race
fix: electric bikes support
fix: straight rhythm lane crossing check
fix: pitboard gap over 10 seconds
fix: custom track layout objects
fix: controller rumble
new: straight rhythm testing gate selection
new: complaint animations
new: win gesture sitting animation


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