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MX Bikes beta14 released


MX Bikes beta14 available:

( mirrors would be extremely helpful and welcome )

How to update:

MX Bikes is also available on Steam Early Access:
It is possible to convert the standalone license to a Steam key at this link:

Release Notes
– Replays, bike setups and trainers are not compatible with the previous versions
– A clean setup is strongly recommended: all files in Documents/PiBoSo/MX Bikes/ should be deleted, except for the mods folder and the license.ini file

– Tuned the engine braking, the dampers, the chassis inertia and the chassis flex of all stock bikes

– The sit control is preserved when resetting the bike
– The lean control now defaults to 20% deadzone when assigned
– It should now be possible to “bite” the start gate more without getting disqualified
– Shortened the blue and yellow racing flags’ distance
– Removed the 5 second wait for a long reset when the bike is not stopped
– Possibility to set the name in the Steam version, too
– Added the poll creator on track, too
– The possibility to reset the track has been added to the user interface in multiplayer, too
– The possibility to disable rumble has been added to the user interface
– The replay keyboard shortcuts have been revised and the numpad keys should no longer be used for the replay cameras controls
– It is now possible, pressing the C key, to enable / disable free-roam camera mode in viewer and photo mode

– It is now possible, on Vive / Index only, to modify the IPD, changing the world scale:

– The autobrake helper has been removed

– The bike geometry format has been changed. The updated BikeEd will be released as soon as possible
– In the file “sfx.cfg” of each bike it’s now possible to set the idle throttle to improve the blending between the “open” and “release” engine samples
– The physics debug mode has been improved adding dampers graphs. The F8 key switches between “basic” and “full” mode.
– The two live timing race gap strings have been compacted into one
– Added support for a logo image in the bike selection and bike info pages

MX Bikes beta14 – 2020/4/5
Mx Bikes beta14 available.

fix: occasional simulation explosion on terrain berms
fix: transition bump between different terrain materials
fix: gearbox simulation
fix: rider dab
fix: bike reset under bridges
fix: occasional freezes in multiplayer
fix: smoothing of replays of multiplayer events
fix: multiplayer bandwidth optimization
fix: shifter lever animation in replays
fix: live screens
fix: rider rendering optimization
fix: tyres grass and sand sound
fix: replay VR mode
fix: transition to settings from the replay VR mode
new: alternate onboard views mode
new: option to export results after each session
new: option to add a prefix to exported results
new: server name in the dedicated server Window title and System Tray icon tooltip
new: the bike selection page remembers the latest bike for each category
new: revised crash camera in VR
new: head tracking linked to rider animation
new: rider dab animation
new: revised Mantua track
new: revised Washington track
new: revised Winchester MXoN track
new: Assen track

Known problems with mods:
OEMs are currently NOT supported


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