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MX Bikes Steam launch and beta12


MX Bikes beta12 available:

( mirrors would be extremely helpful and welcome )

How to update:

MX Bikes is now also available on Steam Early Access:
It is possible to convert the standalone license to a Steam key at this link:

Release Notes
This update was supposed to be published on the 30th of September, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Beta1 release. Happy belated birthday to MX Bikes!

– replays are not compatible with previous versions

– please note that this is only the first iteration of the straight rhythm implementation. At the moment only the practice round is supported. Please leave your feedback so it can be improved in future updates.

– the tyres’ parameters have been tuned
– the rider’s physics has been improved

– now all servers are shown in MX Bikes, even those using a track that is not installed
– VR support updated

– it is now possible to set multiple categories in a bike INI file. For example:

cat = MX1/MX2

(please note that there must be no spaces before and after the slash )

– support for bridges has been improved

Full changelog 07.10.2019:

Mx Bikes beta12 available.

fix: controls corrupted at load time
fix: collisions sounds and particles
fix: track layouts loading
fix: track layout objects crash
fix: clients list ping
fix: trees, wire fences and 3D grass rendering
fix: flickering terrain
new: revised Forest Raceway track
new: Straight Rhythm


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