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MxPerformance Tweaker


MxPerformance Tweaker is a Python-based tool that give you the capacity to play with the power of the bikes. It provides a user-friendly interface to interact with engine configuration files, allowing users to calculate and adjust horsepower, modify torque curves, and change gearing ratios effortlessly.


Step 1: Launch program with game closed!

  • Run the exe.
  • Enter the file paths for the engine configuration (engn) and gearing (cfg) files when prompted (you find this two files in the directory of the bike: es–> PiBoSoMXbikesmodsbikesyz125yz125.engn and yz125.cfg).

Step 2: Explore the Tabs

  • The tool features two tabs: “Engn” for horsepower-related functions and “Cfg” for gearing adjustments.

Engn Tab:

Show Hp:
  • Click the “Show Hp” button to display the current horsepower, RPM, torque, and other relevant information.
Edit Hp:
  • Click “Edit Hp” to set a new desired horsepower.
  • Enter the desired horsepower when prompted.
  • The tool will adjust the torque curve accordingly.

Cfg Tab:

Change Gearing:
  • Click “Change Gearing” to modify the gearing ratios.
  • Enter the new ratios when prompted, separated by commas (e.g., “13, 54”).
  • The tool updates the configuration file with the new gearing values.

Useful Features:

  • Use the “Clear” button to reset the text output area on both tabs.
  • Click “Exit” to close the application.


  • Always back up your configuration files before making changes.
  • Ensure that the file paths entered are correct.

Enjoy making 1000hp 2 strokes!


added error handling, so if something doesen’t go right you will have the reason. improved math and made some small adjustments.


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