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OEM Bike Pack v0.10.1


It’s finally here!

The OEM Bike Pack in version v0.10.1 arrived us today.

Everyone waited for it, and everyone was needing it. And Asdrael finally revealed it!

The OEMs had to get a nearly complete renewal because of the new changes which came to MX Bikes in beta10.

You can get the mod here:

Take a look at the Forum post:

This Mod is strictly needed, because there will be servers running which only supports those categories. Please bear in mind that you can’t play on those servers if you’re not having these bikes installed!

Change log: v0.10.1 – 06/12/2018

  • Categories changes: Split between four strokes (“MX1 OEM” and “MX2 OEM”, same as before) and two strokes (“MX1-2t OEM” and “MX2-2t OEM”, that’s MXx minus 2 tee, no space, then space and OEM). Hopefully will reduce the issues of people not syncing, in particular if more 2 strokes get added. Server hosts beware! You can also have more than 1 category per server.
  • Collision boxes: adapted the new collision boxes to all bikes, and thightened them up.
  • Geometry changes: all bikes have had their rear end geometry revised. This is to allow the stock spring rate to be used with proper sag. Use “Default” setup in the garage.
  • Alta MX and MXR: new engine.
  • 2 stroke geometries: all 2 strokes had a small issue in their weight distribution. Now fixed. Should feel lighter overall, in particular from the front.
  • 2 stroke engines: all 2 strokes should now be a bit more brutal and behave more like 2 strokes (yes 125 and 250).
  • 450f: should now bit a bit less brutal and kick less in the lower RPM range.
  • CFG changes: all bikes have had the CFG files revised, fixed and updated as needed. From rev limiters, to stock preload, to whatever.

Thanks to Asdrael for all of the effort he puts into this pack!

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link does not work. It has been removed. I cant find OEM bikes download


Where’s the download link?


yea where is it. plz bring back beta 10 oems