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One-One SMX Round 6 Iowa City


Welcome to round 6 of the One-One Designs SMX 250 Championship Series! This time around we find ourselves in Iowa City for what is sure to be an exciting race! We found ourselves a new winner in round 5, so the points are getting tighter!

If joining the series sounds fun, find me on discord (NewSkool) and I will get you into the discord so you can join! We don’t care what your skill level is. Come and join us for some exciting gate drops!

For round 6, I backed away from a lot of the different features that I’ve used in prior rounds. Though I did sort of snag an idea from Reflex for those that might remember. While the track isn’t extremely difficult, some sections can be tricky and require some throttle control. There are a couple of different line choices that are viable and even some big lines if you can pull them off that can save a ton of time.

I hope you enjoy the track, and as always I love feedback. I know I’m not the best creator around but I feel like I grow with each track I release. Feedback really helps me grow and fix issues as I move forward.



As always, massive shoutout to RedRider for all the awesome track objects and all his advice and tips! They mean so much to mean and have helped me a ton!

Track Info

Track ID: RD6.IowaCity

Soil Types (track materials)

Soft Soil


Total downloads: 241

Made for Beta 19.


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