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posted by Mandarinko

29. Apr 2020

Last updated: 27. Jun 2020

Sandy Hills Freeride (Beta 0.4)

Forum thread:


Sandy Hills Freeride 0.4



version 0.4

- increased shadow resolution
- improved scenery
- added rainy sky
- tweaked ambient settings
- cleaned up files
- various fixes

version 0.3 - fixed multiplayer respawning

version 0.2 - reduced heightmap size to 4k

Realistic 1km sandy desert with 60m dunes to have fun in. Good for throwing whips, backflips, frontflips, etc. or just riding around. NO RACE TRACK just fun freeride area.

Models by giopanda :

Some features:

  • 1km x 1km freeride area
  • 60m high dunes
  • realistic topography
  • 4k heightmap
  • 10 pits and starting positions
  • custom skydome, background and textures

Known issues:

Track cameras are not really working


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