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TFC Factory Tracks High Point 2019

High Point MX 2019! The brief story behind this one is that GDUBMX sent me a version made by a few people back in the day to see if I could clean it up. I noticed the scale was slightly out so double checked it but didn’t realise just quite how far from 1:1 it was. I couldn’t fix, so I decided to make it from scratch. The layout is 2019 as it’s the latest I had to work from real footage.

This track features custom one off skydomes, specially made objects and for the first time a real location background (so the trees and hills you see around the map are from the real location).

Feedback welcome! The rollers can be singled, doubled, and there is even a triple in there somewhere. I’ve tried to be a bit more liberal with the checkpoints so it’s not the end of the world if you go out a corner but you have to hit jump lines and rough sections for your lap to remain in tact. Thanks to GDUB for the initial reason I got to do this track (it’s one I wanted to do originally anyway but didn’t as one already existed), thanks to BEYER, Teeds and Ruben for testing. Enjoy!

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