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[update version 1.2] MAXXIS MaxxCross IT + Excel Signature rims


MAXXISmaxxcrossIT by giopanda ver1.2

Update to version 1.1
– added some thickness to the sprocket and discs as suggested by DoluTattoo on Discord

Update to version 1.2
– update to Beta15 new physics


here they are finally!
took some time but i wanted to make them as good as possible!

based on real dimensions for both rims and tires, they are

– 80/100 R21 MAXXIS Maxxcross IT with Excel signature rim front
– 110/80 R19 MAXXIS Maxxcross IT with Excel signature rim back

i actually wanted to also make a 100/100 R18 for the back but maybe in a future update..when we actually have more chances of customization!

they come with black rims and aluminum Talon hubs

to install simply extract the zip in your ..Documents/PiBoSo/MX Bikes/mods/tyres

a big shout out to Piboso for his help, iNsane for keeping up with me for long nights trying do decipher all the files and names and ini files and meshes parenting and tons of other crazy things, DoluTattoo on discord for trying to understand my needs..thank you so much!


PSD Template

– included 7 colors of Talon hubs (black, silver, gold, orange, red, blue, green)
– included 7 colors of Excel rims (black, silver, gold, orange, red, blue, green)
– included normal and specular maps
– don’t touch or remove the sprocket and discs area, it’s needed from version 1.1

– name them wheel.tga and you’re good to go


– they feature ‘adaptive’ dirt layers based on the gfx.cfg of each track (please track makers add that file to your folders so we don’t have the stock Nutella colored dirt)
– there’s no wear or blur effect, they would make the folder size 3 times bigger and won’t be noticeable since they get covered in dirt before wearing out
– disc rotors and the sprocket are not modeled, they would have been more polygon heavy then the tires so i went for simple planes, they look as good (if not better) at almost any distance but with way less geometry!


if you want to support me and see more, please consider a small donation by clicking the Paypal link don’t have to, but i would really appreciate and you will have my eternal gratitude!


Total downloads: 10010


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