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Affinity San Diego RD 3 2024 Replica


Hey everyone planned for this to come out a couple days ago but the track objects and textures just was not where I wanted them to be but anyways the whole point of this track is to be a full replica of what they raced in real life as each track has changes from the track map to what they race, of course this one is a dry version and not a mudder like they had but the layout is now fully correct. I plan to make every weeks track but drop it a week after the race possibly a little earlier depending on how long it takes me. This is my first track so I want everyone to give me feedback of what they’d like to see better! I plan on each track getting better and better each round or so I hope and will take in everyone’s feedback to make the best feeling tracks! I am planning to make a series also I’m not to sure if it will be these upcoming rounds or if I will decide to make a bunch of custom supercross tracks but I do plan on at least doing a series at some point! Let me know your guys thoughts and if I should do a series with the replicas or do a custom track series! I hope everyone enjoys of all skill levels I tried to make it where newish type players can get on and somewhat get around the track but also add to where there’s a skill gap. Thanks to the Mx Simulator forms for the some of the objects and credits to Redrider for the toughblocks:) also shout out to everyone that tested my track! I hope to only grow from here and bring the community together and let everyone’s feedback go into my tracks! I’m always happy to answer questions and take in feedback thank you! Hope yall enjoy once again:) Will have a discord link in my profile for you guys to see what I’m working on for the future and also to give a more detailed feedback message! I also have a donation link in my profile for anyone who wants to help me out to putting money into better quality stadiums and textures

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Track ID: Affinity San Deigo RD 3 2024


Total downloads: 5987

Made for Beta 18.

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