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MX OEM Bike Pack – v0.17.2 – MUST GET


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Update 08/17/2022 – I hoped this could be a silent update but after registering all bikes today I realized that the registration file causes mismatches as well. So this update has ALL bikes registered again. You MUST download this in order to play official racing leagues.

It’s finally here. The most anticipated mod pack of the year, just in time for Christmas eve. This pack is coming in hot, packed with a total of 42 bikes in the categories MX1 and MX2 both two and four strokes and the beasts in MX3. Thousand of players know the origin of the OEM pack and you all use it like nothing else, it’s mandatory – It’s what makes the game if we’re being honest.

A Short story:
This year was tough for us all, a lot of private issues here and there. Asdrael, the man behind the OEMs, took a break for a while and he has given me the scepter to continue the OEM saga. So I got my people together and tried to improve and expand the pack as good as possible.

Back in the days, when I started modding in MX Bikes, I quickly got in contact with him and then – for the 2020 update – I re-imported most of the models while he was working on the physics. Unfortunately, and due to private issues on my end as well and tons of new bikes (I will introduce to you below), there wasn’t much time to work on big physics changes. Asdrael found some values I could work with, but there simply is not enough time for me to make these changes happen.

Therefore this pack has NO physics changes (for now!). So please be aware of it.

This will be the “beta” pack of the B16 OEMs, mainly cosmetics and small visible fixes that were rather easy to fix – I call it the “New Friends, New Looks” update.
A physics update will come shortly after, but for now I must step back a little and focus on the important things in my life – but I wanted to give you all at least a little Christmas gift, for the long wait.

What’s new:
As already mentioned, this pack contains 42 bikes in total, we expanded by 10 bikes, ranging manufacturers from A like Alta to Y like Yamaha – the ones you know.
This year we were able to expand the showroom and we’re proud to announce to you 3 new manufacturers to ride with:
Fantic, the Italian motorbike brand which was bought off by Yamaha and is mostly known from their street bikes, joined the motocross force last year with a total of 4 bikes: XX125, XX250, XXF250, XXF450 (plastics made by dizzy_A, base(s) by mx985 and Benji (Yamaha)).
GASGAS, no need to talk much about, total of 5 bikes: MC125, MC250, MC250F, MC350F, MC450F.
And, a little surprise: Beta. The 300 RX had its debut in 2021 and they are presenting the 2022 RX in its full glory, joining the MX1-2T class. (EARLY WIP)
Oh, and another surprise: KTM. The Ride Shop AZ made a KTM KX500, Gio made it too.

Well, and everything you know, love and hate:
Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Suzuki, TM, Yamaha – all updated to 2022 visuals. The Yamaha YZ125 and YZ250 got a massive plastic overhaul (made by vickers) and will be improved down the road as well. The Honda CRF250 has been updated with new plastics and a new (stock) exhaust system (made by vickers) – same for the 450. The Suzuki RMZ250 and 450 got a new (stock) exhaust system (made by vickers) as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the KTMs, so they’re stuck at stock 2021 graphics. The Alta MX2 bike got a new overclocked mapping that should be capable of keeping up with some MX2 gasoline bikes. Also for both Altas the battery capacity has been increased so they should now be able to do a whole moto – this is a dirty fix I had to make because MX Bikes has no regenerative braking system yet, what the Altas IRL do have.

Other changes:
I noticed that none of all the bikes had the in-game number on the steer in first person – I know, no one uses that system, but I don’t think it was done on purpose – so this has been added. Also, the above-mentioned bikes (basically those where I have access to) all have been updated to support the dirt color system. The shader values during conversion have been tuned as well, and so were all above mentioned and new bikes imported with a new range of possible reflection and specular effect which makes it possible to add proper reflection to certain bike parts. We got rid of the _r maps – specular and reflection both used the same alpha set-up anyways – now you only have the _n map and its alpha channel left. Furthermore all bikes have been equipped with a “team” texture which is the color of the bike manufacturer in the standings list.

Known issues:
The new models (YZ 2 stroke, Fantic, Beta) are imported, they work – but they are missing animated parts and mud layers – this is very time consuming, and I simply planned time wrong. I will update this in near future, just prepping up all the bikes and making them work in game was a tedious process already.


The bike list:

  • Alta MX and MXR 2018
  • Beta RX 300 2022 NEW (liveries made by GreenLenux)
  • Fantic XX125, 250, XXF125 and 250 2022 NEW (liveries made by GreenLenux)
  • GASGAS MC125, 250, MC250F, 350 and 450 2022 NEW (liveries made by GreenLenux & Cody_James (MXGP/AMA))
  • Honda CR 125 and 250 1996, CR250R 1997, CRF 450 and 250 2022 (HRC liveries made by fabmx1), CR500AF
  • Husqvarna TC 125, 250, FC 250, 350 and 450 2022 (liveries made by GreenLenux)
  • Kawasaki KX(F) 250 NEW and 450 2022 (liveries made by RkrdM. 450SR made by GreenLenux)
  • KTM 125, 150 and 250 SX 2021, 250, 350 and 450 SX-F 2021, KX 500 NEW
  • Suzuki RM 125 and 250 2003, RMZ 250 and 450 2022 (liveries made by RkrdM)
  • TM 250 and 450 MX Fi 2022 (liveries made by GreenLenux)
  • Yamaha YZ 125 and YZ 250 2022 NEW (liveries made by GreenLenux), YZF 250 and 450 2022 (liveries made by RkrdM)

Thanks to everyone who was involved in the whole process. First, Asdrael for the whole OEM pack – we wouldn’t be here without your work from the last years.
But secondly, and this is very important to me – I want to thank GreenLenux for the countless hours and sleepless nights he spent on helping me with all the stock liveries, the trailer, the teaser pics and everything else. This was a huge help and I wouldn’t have made it without you.

More credits:

  • philiaN enabling many model updates
  • Vortex_Damien for the Husky and RMZ models
  • Ruubs for the KX model and GASGAS plastics
  • Dizzy_A for the 2021 KX and Fantic plastics
  • MotoSavage for UV unwrapping the Fantics
  • Vickers for the YZ update, GASGAS pipes and CRF pipes
  • Danky for the contact to mx985 for the Yamaha and the RMZ stock exhaust
  • Lewis Abram on Sketchfab for the Beta and Osmeralda for the MX plate
  • Giorgio for the CR250 1997, CR500AF, KTM KX500 and KTM 2021 models
  • LC Création on Discord for the TM model and the CRF 2021
  • Mx985 on the MXS forums for letting us use the YZF 2020 models and skins.
  • Shack on Discord for amazing input on suspensions and discussions on the topic! We own that guy a big one when it comes to bike handling.
  • All the other modders who made, imported, worked on some magic for the previous models we still use like TFC, RC, as well as ExtremeManiac and Benji on the MXS forums
  • Beyer on Discord for his amazing sounds (I can’t play without them, and from now on, neither will you 😉 )
  • And of course, all the people who gave feedback, helped, and even donated to the OEM project!


If you want to contribute and help the pack develop in the future, feel free to drop a donation. Donate to whoever you feel like down below, most links are listed. Money that has been donated to me will most likely be spent into future MX Bikes projects and the OEMs.

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Made for Beta 17. Compatible with other Betas.

v0.17.2 NO PAINTS Manual Installation (2.01 GB)
v0.17.2 NO PAINTS Manual Installation (2.11 GB)
v0.17.2 PATCH ONLY needs atleast v0.17.1 installed before!!!
v0.17.2 PATCH ONLY needs atleast v0.17.1 installed before!!!
Server Version
v0.17.2 Server Version

Changelog 4

Support insane!

Any support is greatly appreciated! ♥

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