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MX OEM Bike Pack – v0.18.3a PATCH


UPDATE 12/28:

Read the changelog down below. If you had v0.18.3 installed prior, you just need the PATCH ONLY download. However, if you encounter mismatches, we recommend redownloading the whole pack.

Keep in mind, that some servers might not update immediately. So you’ll potentially get bike mismatches. MyMXB servers will be updated immediately, Pepiti asap.

The full changelog is as always on the Project OEM website. Click the image below.

UPDATE 12/24:

Reuploaded the ZIP files to Google Drive and Mediafire with a default p_mx.pkz included, the pack now comes by default with GioPanda’s Dunlop model.


Read the full release post on the Project OEM Website:


If you’re feeling generous, consider donating to the team. We appreciate everything!



please read the readme BELOW

Mod Instructions

PLEASE make sure to delete ALL YOUR OLD SETUPS from "Documents/PiBoSo/MX Bikes/profiles/YourProfile/setups" - you can simply delete all folders/all MX*OEM folders. With the newly introduced Anti-Cheat measurements and the major changes done to the bikes, your setups will mismatch and ban you for cheating from your active session.

In this release, we have updated the naming convention for the tyre config files (*.tyre files). We recommend deleting the contents of the "mods/tyres/p_mx" folder, although it is not strictly necessary due to the simultaneous update of the "p_mx.cfg" file, which informs the game about the tyre configurations. If any issues arise, follow the recommended step of clearing the folder.

For players, download one of the "Full Pack" mirrors and place the contents of the "mods" folder into your own mods folder. Ensure that you have "mods/bikes/" and "mods/tyres/" but not "mods/bikes/bikes/" or "mods/bikes/tyres/" to avoid any folder duplication.


Total downloads: 93832

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

Informations about the pack
PATCH ONLY v0.18.3 -> v0.18.3a - MEGA
PATCH ONLY v0.18.3 -> v0.18.3a - MEDIAFIRE
PATCH ONLY v0.18.3 -> v0.18.3a - GOOGLE DRIVE
GioPanda Wheel Mods (replace p_mx.pkz)

Changelog 1

Support insane!

Any support is greatly appreciated! ♥

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