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Full Shop [All MXB-MODS] Huge Pack 14go || Bikes Skins, Rider gear, Since the beginin to 11/23/2020


Hi everyone

For some time now, I’ve made it my mission to download all the mods from Mx Bikes.

It changes the game completely, it’s great to see the outfits of all the riders as well as the motorbike skins.   (a bit like trading paints on iRacing).
It’s visually crazy.

In this mega-pack is the whole website (20 Go Mods) from the beginning to 11/23/2020


Inside the pack :

Boots [1.12 go] Painted boots  [7.40 mo] Gloves [621 mo] Helemet  [2.68 go] Helmet cams [3.12 mo] Rider paints  [4.10 go] Protections  [331 mo] Bikes  [11 go] Tyres /\ Maxxis & dunlop   [149 mo]


I spent several days downloading all the files, sorting them, putting everything in order, you just have to copy and paste the files into mods, and everything will be done automatically.

I hope this pack will make you happy.

I know that 14gb is huge and for small connections is often difficult, but let the download run one night and you won’t be disappointed.
This pack will save you precious time and save you a lot of trouble.
Again you just have to copy/paste and it all does it automatically.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment or leave feedback whether it is positive or negative.
Report any problems if there are any.

I wish you all a good game and see you soon on the track.


[Update] For all those who do not arrive or cannot download via MegaUpload here is one of my Google Drives, with the same pack.

Solution  : Rider / Bikes / Tyres are separate in 3 folders for smaller download


!!!! Important !!!!
I’m not the author of his mods, I just share with the community and don’t get any benefit from it, I would like to especially thank all the modders whoever they are for their time and their precious work on MxBikes.
!!!! Important !!!!

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Mod Instructions

Just Copy/past in Mx Bikes mods folder

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Perfect bro. Thank you so much. Super easy to install and everything. Though it would literally be a buncha files in one folder but it was all organized.


Thanks man!


for some reason when i try and download it it says my time on mega has expired and wont let me download it any help would be nice my discord is unexpmom#7017


I would download the megasync app. I haven't paid for anything and it download 5x faster than the mega website.


Couldnt Download due to Mega Becoming money hungry latly and i cant justify paying money to pretty much get mods
money shouldnt be a Wall in our way sorry


Hello, I feel extremely stupid but I don’t really know how to install the mod I downloaded it using mega and then if I go to documents and open it, should I copy the ‘Mx bikes full shop 1 big file’ or press it once and copy the ‘mods’ file, can you help me, or maybe make a video from it?

Thank you


Just to make sure, I copy the mods folder and paste it in … folder?

Leave your instagram because I’ll give you a follow for the help!


Subscribed✅, I know it’s none of my business really but I think if you make a video about installing these mods, from step 1 to the final step you’ll get a lot of vieuws I think because many people are looking for a good tutorial on how to download things!


Thanks man it works your a king!!


Quick question though you said something about from the beginning so is this every mod from when the game was first released because we have lost a ton of content over the years or is this just a download of all the content posted to this site? either way, thanks for posting I know this wasn't as quick and easts as some may think of a post to make, So thanks either way.


Awesome! Thank you for collecting everything 🙂

bread is my oatmeal

do i need to uninstall all of my previous mods first because new ones of the same file might conflict with each other, thanks and you guys are awesome.


Hey, i cant download it, the only reason i wanted to download is i wanted the cr with the cutted fenders, could you pls send me the link for it? or what is it called?


74med, when I try to download the rider section it says, download quota exceeded for this file, so you cant download it at present, this is something on your end but can it be fixed soon
I’m on a new computer and need it before a competition


So I’ve ran into an issue. The mods download fine and I get all of the gear and it works when applied. When I apply certain paints to my bikes, the wheels will change but not the graphics. Could this be because the paints were for a previous version of those bikes? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!