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MX Winners – Redbud – JPD


Hey guys, we finally have a kit that doesnt have Lawrence written on the back!

Haiden Deegan made himself the American hero waving that flag around on the podium, the photos are awesome, has to be one of the coolest first wins ever. Bummer for Hunter but it sounds like he’s ok, so hopefully he does go on to win this championship, he deserves it and I think Haiden will definitely get his time. I think (Biased, I admit) its important that this year the Lawrence bois have the success through the rest of the year, its such an incredible story line and it would be a shame to end in an injury instead of a new year.

Another notable thing that I haven’t seen mentioned is Jett beat Tomac’s personal record for most consecutive moto wins. Jett is now 10 straight, Tomac only ever made 9 in a row, did it twice, 2017 (Or maybe 18 or 19, one of those) and 2022. After seeing that Chase didn’t really have as much as I expected to show Jett, I am now fully on board with the idea that Jett could go 22-0.

Hope you guys like these kits, Jett’s especially is rlly cool. If you like what I upload, join my Discord, JP Designs, where I post updates on my projects. Been working on some cool 3DV models recently, so check those out if u want. I am not allowed to post the link here but my inbox on Discord is open if you want to join, so plz just msg me. If you want custom helmets or gear as well u can just msg me. Any and all nice comments, donations, and constructive criticisms are massively appreciated.

Thx guys, cya

My Discord: petch195 (Formerly petch195#7666, just in case it doesnt work, I’ve had issues finding people without the numbers)


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MX Winners - Redbud - JPD

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