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Partzilla PRMX Racing Team Pack 2023 Skins + PUBS


This pack is a Partzilla PRMX Racing Team pack for the 2023 AMA Supercross season (Green bikes) and the 2023 Canadian Triplecrown Motocross season (Black bikes)


Rider skins:

MX1 – Chase Marquier #219 AMA SX (not riding Triplecrown MX)

– Julien Benek #500 AMA SX #26 Triplecrown MX

MX2 – Josiah Natzke #86 AMA SX and #23 Triplecrown MX

– Dylan Rempel #138 AMA SX and #44 Triplecrown MX (Dylan didnt actually ride sx this year but he plays this game so I                     made him a sx skin anyway)


All Bikes – Ryan Hoskins #94 (Me, hopefully you keep them and see me skinned up in game 👍)


All skins are locked and will stay locked and I wont give out PSD’s or sell these skins to anyone because the PRMX team got BikeGraphix to send me the a copy of the official graphics kits for use in this kit and I wont be sharing or selling their property.


Credits to OEM team for Stock PSD templates,  LOGN341 for the P2sta wheels PSD and Insane as usual for the 3D viewer.





Mod dependencies

This mod by Logn341 is needed:

P2sta Wheel import

Mod Instructions

Put mods folder into your mx bikes folder (This PC > Documents > PiBiSo > MX Bikes) and it will install all bikes in one go


Total downloads: 417


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