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’07 CR250R Hillclimb Bike Now With 2 Separate Engine Swaps!


As Promised I Have Updated The ’07 CR250R Hillclimber and have decided to have 2 Insane engine swaps for this Classic Bike.

Updates Include:

  • 1 “new” bike – The 1250cc Harley V-twin Swapped Hillclimber
  • Updates all around to both bikes models
  • Updated Both bikes Bike and Tyre Physics to be way better and more suitable for Climbing as well as Light MX/Straight Rythm (Shorter Swingarm On Both)

I still Plan on updating this bike as time goes on and possibly adding more climbers to the mix as more tracks release… Thanks everyone for the support on my first post it means a lot being one of the first things that got me into modding MXB!

Thanks to OTTM Designs for helping me in the beginning, And To Piboso for the amazing Simulator.

[I have since fixed the starter and idle rpm so no need to bind the starter just hop on and enjoy!]

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Made for Beta 17.

Updated '07 CR250R Hillclimb Pack

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Ave clioxy

track ?


If the bike is 1250cc it need to go faster than 120kmh, it needs more power and its maximum rpm is like 4000 in neutral.
Now the 636cc. It does not move, doesn’t have sound. Please.


i just ran my fastest lap on every single sx round of the 2022 season! THANKS MAN THIS CHANGED MY LIFE!


Possible for me to use your KLX and give it supa powas?


Tutorial on how to get the tires working?


its not popping up when i open the game i dropped it in my bikes folder but ntn