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Eleven10 Mods Factory Bikes – Final Final test (We hope)


This is a Quality of life update – explained in the changelog and will be elaborated on in further media to come. Important to note though:

MyMXB server customers will have to restart their servers to take the new bikes into consideration

Old setups may not work/crash your game, you are best to start from scratch with the new suspension anyway.




From the get go, we have focused on providing the most intuitive, immersive, and realistic riding experience we possibly could with these bikes. This update is focused on building upon what we have, and transporting you right to the track. You will feel the tyres in the dirt beneath them, let the rear slide and steer your bike in flat corners, push the bike through the face of a jump as you soak up the takeoff.  Brake hard, be tempted to take risks, but punished when you push too far, switch lines on your competitors, cut under them in a 180, rail an outside, hit that wheel tap through braking bumps. Battle, Compete. We have put these bikes through their paces, turned over every stone we came across to develop something that truly resembles that of riding a dirtbike at an elite level. We are blessed to have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in our corner, and through that have been able to test these internally with people who not only raced, but also built bikes which won at the pinnacle of the sport. We back our work wholeheartedly. But we also know nothing is perfect. Now its over to you guys for the final test.

These bikes will now be under the “e10 xxxx” Category in game. This was done to save characters when having multiple classes in a server, which should aid in fixing an error related to that issue.

We want to extend a massive thank you to Julien113. We purchased 3 of his models and through his generosity, he has allowed us to not only use his work, but release some nice workable PSD files for these models. These, along with the other PSD files will be posted in our discord soon. Which is linked at the bottom of this post.

Again, if it wasn’t clear, these are still a test, some are old sim model projects that were both publicly released and some that I was involved in are all more or less 10 years old. We also purchased a The Kawasaki kx125/250 model and took about 60k tris out of it to help with fps, but it’s all very much a work in progress, with VERY limited time spent on visuals. ‘gameplay over graphics’ was kind of the approach here.

Absolutely massive shoutout to both Dmills and Steeler, these two are core in not only the suspension and tyre department, but they are HUGE in actually developing the feeling we’ve all been chasing. Absolute MVPs

Also the box van guys, big ups to you boys for the testing, a big help, cheers!

The Triumph PSD will be out just before the 25th. The frame is currently untextured and there are a couple of things to tidy up. We wanted to push these changes to be raced on for the final remaining offseason events, to gather some data, and the model was close enough to done/share for now.


Dmills – Suspension model
Steeler – Tyres, organising editing, and compiling all the sound mods.
Jmehrtz – nothing, he’s useless.

Jre/TM infidel – TM models
Beyer – Sound mod files included in these bikes
Smark – Base Gas Gas plastics
Julien – Kawasaki, Yamaha and Fantic 4 stroke model and psds
Damien – Base 2017 Suzuki model
DJ/Wilson – Cr model base
Attacker – Rm model base
Jre – Ktm model base
Benji/DJ/Nate – YZ125 model
LC Creations – Honda model and texture
Frosty – base PSD pulled for mx bikes
Kenny – Yoshi pipe model and texture
BlitzCo – Spicing up the pack with a few extra paints
Jgas – Same as above, but also the DMS Logo design on the forks.

Any questions/troubleshooting Feedback etc you’re best to move on over to our discord



Mod Instructions

Install tutorial here:


Total downloads: 96288

Made for Beta 18.

E10 December 13 2023
E10 December 13 2023 ALT LINK 1
E10 December 13 2023 ALT LINK 2

Changelog 1

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