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100% 2022-23 Goggle Pack (Wren’s SM10)


Decided to make new 100% Armega goggles for Stu’s Alpinestars SM10 import. It features most of the goggles from the ’23 release and a few older ones as well that I thought looked clean. Along with a few strap colorways from the Racecraft 2 line that looked good. All have a custom norm and most have a clear lens option.

There is also a couple of custom “signature” goggles included for riders I sponsor. But they asked me to include them so I figured I would.

I didn’t realize until I was almost finished that there was only one helmet that uses this goggle model, so I will be transferring most of these designs onto the other goggle model as well, but not until after I do the Scotts most likely. So if these don’t fit your helmet, the update should get you squared away! 

Huge thanks to Tyler Wren for the model and PSD, along with Stu for the import. —> https://mxb-mods.com/2022-alpinestars-sm10

As always if there are any issues or something isn’t working feel free to let me know in the comments or DMs and I will fix if necessary. (I included 3 images below with all of the goggles and their name in case you have trouble finding a certain pair)

If  you are in need of a custom set of gear or some helmet skins hit me up on Discord and we can get something dialed up! Sheriff Woody#1776

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This mod by Stuukracing is needed:

2022 Alpinestars SM10



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