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1990 Piaggio Vespa PK50N


Niente accade per caso, BELLA ITALIA!

It’s go time bois. This is the first public release of the Vespa I spammed you all a bit in the Discord.

First release, no mud layers because hell I was too lazy to do them. Update will come, some wrongly moving parts though (suspension clipping through the front fender) and it rides not perfectly but somehow ok.

Have fun!


Inside the text file:

1990 Vespa PK50N imported by iNsane – The Basic Text File No One Reads

Move the “1990_Piaggio_Vespa_PK50N” into your “Documents/PiBoSo/MX Bikes/mods/bikes/”
or your custom mods folder. Please for the love of god don’t do anything else.

Move the “vespa” folder into your “Documents/PiBoSo/MX Bikes/mods/tyres” or your custom folder. If not available, create it.

Version History – Who The Fuck Cares About That Anyways?
v0.1 Initial Tests
– Imported the model
– Used the YZ125 engine as first (that shit was scary af)

v0.2 Some Detail Work
– Used the shitty norms the 16$ model had been shipped with
– Looks ok, 16$ are 16$
– Changed the engine to the PitBike one
– Reduced the gearbox to 4 gears
– Top speed 80, yeay very fast

– Added some paints to have some fun looking shit going on
– First public release, let’s go bois




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