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2002-2006 Honda CR fleet


Here is Yashi Factory first official mod for MX Bikes!

All bikes received the OEM treatment, so should have a clean and competitive physic, and each bike has its own physic and visual specificities!

It’s not 100% finished, for example about brakes and will be updated in the future. Don’t hesitate to give feedbacks on the Forum topic!

What’s inside: Honda CR 125 MX2 and SM2, CR 250 MX1 and SM1, CR 500 AF MX3 and SM3, and two weird little things i let you discover ingame!

The mod need the OEM Sound Mod Pack from BEYER to work correctly!
Dunlop Supermoto tires by GioPanda are highly recommended for the Supermoto versions!

-model: base by Th3 ProphetMan
-other model from PixelMonkey 3. used mainly as reference.
-500cr sound by BEYER, thanks you!

Thanks goes to:
-Th3 ProphetMan and PixelMonkey 3. for sharing their models!
-Insane and Asdrael for their respective tutorials to make things like that happen!
-Insane (again?!) Asdrael (wait… what?!) Mulock, Gio, Beyer and all the others people from discord for all the help provided!

Mod Instructions

The mod need the OEM Sound Mod Pack from BEYER, and the Dunlop Supermoto Tires by GIOPANDA to work correctly!


P.S.: If you don't want to use the sound pack for your OEM bikes, just copy the "SoundMods" folder to your Bikes folder


Total downloads: 6501

Made for Beta 17. Compatible with other Betas.

Mod pack
template files for livery makers

Changelog 2

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