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2003-2006 Honda CR fleet


Here is Yashi Factory first official mod for MX Bikes!

All bikes received the OEM treatment, so should have a clean and competitive physic, and each bike has its own physic and visual specificities!

It’s not 100% finished, for example about brakes and will be updated in the future. Don’t hesitate to give feedbacks on the Forum topic!

What’s inside: Honda CR 125 MX2 and SM2, CR 250 MX1 and SM1, CR 500 AF MX3 and SM3, and two weird little things i let you discover ingame!

The mod need the OEM Sound Mod Pack from BEYER to work correctly!
Dunlop Supermoto tires by GioPanda are highly recommended for the Supermoto versions!

-model: base by Th3 ProphetMan
-other model from PixelMonkey 3. used mainly as reference.
-500cr sound by BEYER, thanks you!

Thanks goes to:
-Th3 ProphetMan and PixelMonkey 3. for sharing their models!
-Insane and Asdrael for their respective tutorials to make things like that happen!
-Insane (again?!) Asdrael (wait… what?!) Mulock, Gio, Beyer and all the others people from discord for all the help provided!



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