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2003 KX 125 (YZ)


2003 KX (YZ) 125 Stock Paint kit.

I believe the original PSD came from LOGN341. If this is incorrect, please advise and I will update the credits.

You MUST put this paint in the 2017 YZ125 folder for it to work.

*Update* Stock version now comes with Pro Circuit exhaust as standard.

There is also a distressed version with Green frame and PC exhaust. The bike looks like its been ridden since 2003. There is paint missing from the frame where your boots and knees would rub. If there is demand for it, I will place a link into this description as well. Let me know if you want it.

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out of every bike to make a kawi you chose a yamaha lol


i made one on the husky tc of you want to check it out (shameless plug)


Can you provide the link?


could you make it for the 2022 OEM bikes ?


why is it impossible to download this bike anymore? does it not work or something? I’ve searched for days now and can’t find the model download for the 2017yz