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RESS series is still coming!

Enjoy this new SIX DAYS replica, the 2013 SIX DAYS KTM! The year was set in Germany, I hope you’ll like it!

Thanks to iNsane for teaching me how to make a quick installer.

As always, more pics below. Enjoy, and good luck for the RESS series!

Want your own skin in the game? Contact me on Discord! –  GreenLenux#2125

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Mod Instructions

When downloaded, run the 20136D.exe file, keep the default mods folder or change it to your own one, and hit “extract”.

If you don’t want to use the Installer, you can right click and open it with 7zip or WinRAR and install the bikes manually.

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this ones so sick!


how do i use them in game? im doing to installer and its just not working. Same things with the newer ones


Go to documents click Piboso then Mx Bikes the u want to go to mods then bikes then select the bike you want the paint on click that bike and click paint and that is where you need to paste or move the bike skin.


wow!!! very very nice!!!