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2015 Ernee MXdN


     Here It Is:
It’s been a long year since Fernley, and I started on this basically right after that release and last year’s OEM drop. I wanted something challenging in MXB, something as accurate to IRL as I could muster, and something new to push myself (boy did I find that). So I got to thinking, and remembered this aggravating course from one of the MXGP games. The hills, the patience to go fast, the risk of crashing off a mountain, but in MXB. This project has been through a lot of changes, with me joining both the ARL and OEM teams and having my full focus split between however many projects both in game and IRL.
This is based on the 2015 MX des Nations, moto 2 videos. It’s tight, it’s technical, the berms/ruts hook and vanish. You won’t have a good time if you just try to pin it 5th WFO everywhere. There’s steep hills, with turns, and ruts, and roughness. The perfect MXB experience, if you ask me.

Some pics of deform:

Thanks to everyone involved:
RedRider, Ryan Cardno, JV, Agitato, D.Alves, RossHell, FatMuppet, (anyone else I couldn’t find credits for) – Assets
EarthWurx (you know who you are) – testing, feedback, frens, tips, advice, etc
Alpha – release screens, testing, feedback
My cats – always being on my desk and giving me something to yell at when blender is frustrating me
Piboso / Snappe – the game
MXB-MODS/OEM Team – you already know, and if you don’t then just come back when v18 drops 😉


Made for Beta 18.

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