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2017 Factory Suzuki RM85


Hello person. Thx for downloading this bike skin.

The skin is for the 2006 YZ85 from the CBMX JUNIOR bike pack. There was no RM85 so this was the closest thing.

The skin is inspired by Jett Lawrence from 2017 when he raced the 85 world championship for Factory Suzuki. I was
originally planning on doing a full fledged replica pack but I realised it was too ambitious so I’m just uploading the
RM85 skin because I assume that’s what most people would be most interested in.

There is a 549 version and a public version.



Total downloads: 1710

2017 Factory Suzuki RM85

Support Petch195!

Thankyou so much for the support, it is very much appreciated!

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