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2017 Kegums MXGP


Hi guys !
This is a old track which was on the forums which is no longer accessible to the community and had it in my tracks folder for a long time and gave it to Lynds for a video idea. So now im gonna share it with everyone else for everyone else to have fun on. track is still very ridable.

Big shoutout to these legends who originally worked on the track for us:
-TylaZ, Fafalito, Vinke Swedish, Morgi, Goutsou & Crapouette

And of course a big shoutout to the main creator:
without him this wouldn’t exist.

Reminder this was pulled of mx bikes official forums page. also please don’t thank me Thank the legends who made it.


Track Info

Track ID: 2017 Kegums MXGP


Total downloads: 2146

Made for Beta 16. Compatible with other Betas.


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