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2019 MXGP of Czech Republic – Loket


Here is my second track for MX Bikes and for the second time from the Czech Republic – Loket MXGP 2019

I am updating description for those who saying that I ripped all these assets from MXGP – that’s not true. I spent lot of time on creating all these objects to bring you the track as close to reality as possible.


Special thanks:
NikoMouk, Ruubs and others from discord community for answering my questions.
Giopanda for some of his objects
NikoMouk for the starting gates
and creators of the free objects Bulldozer and Van 

McChicken, Src, Kracala127, Stepan, Gregor50, Ruubs for testing


Have fun and enjoy!

If you like the track, please consider donating.

– Sloofa –

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Hey man, the track is amazing. One of my favs from the MXGP games and I instantly felt familiar with the track lines.

Also, I want to say that the auto cams in replay mode are amazing. Really good placement and the FOV is great, you can really see battles when locked onto 1 rider. Not all tracks have that.

Great work all around!!


I was waiting on it from the teasing video ! Beautiful work ! I can’t believe it’s only your second track 🙂

Cody James

Looks so good dude!!


thanks for the track, this is my fav track of mxgp!


Dude amazing work this track is so fun to ride


Very Good!!! Nice Work.
My Video:


Ok, please Admin, pin that track at the top of MXB-MODS. This is BY FAR the best MXGP replica ever made in MX Bikes. The size is perfect for MXB physics, and my GOD it looks fantastic! The details, the textures, everything is on point. I remember saying in discord your screenshot looked like a M*lestone game screenshot, but when you ride on the actual track… it FEELS like a M*lestone game.
The track is fantastic, it’s gonna stay in my track folder for a long time! Can’t wait to see more work from you 😀


Such a well made track the lines and flow are insane and the far off background image makes the map look so nice. Well done!


The best MX track this game has ever seen. Nice job man


Great job man. Amazing track all around. Nice flow, nice textures and great lines to pick from. Keep up the good work.


One of my favourites great job


Looking and feeling so good, thank you !


One word…



This track is awesome. super smooth to ride and the details in the scenery are amazing. Feels like you’re actually there on race day. Great Job!!


Thank you for such an amazing track sloofa. All of the extra work that goes into a track and makes it stand apart has not gone unnoticed, it’s very much appreciated. You went the extra mile on this track sloofa and it shows. I enjoy riding it very much. I can’t rider it for hours long like some of the other tracks because of how bumpy it is, but trying to find the fast lines is so much fun and the amount of focus needed lap in and lap out is intense because of all the little bumps. I look forward to your future designs, even some of your own designs perhaps. Let’s see what’s up there in that head of yours, how creative can you get. Also, a big big thank you for not making the track a sunset theme or something like that. If designers are going to do that, I wish they would also make a ‘sunny day’ version because sometimes I feel tracks gets so dark in areas it’s kinda hard to see what’s going on.


This is amazing, by far the best mxgp track in mxbikes yet.


awesome job sloofa. i know the track in real life and the background is another level here in mx bikes. Also the track is really really good to ride and makes a lot of fun. keep up the good work mate!

Resolute Kraken

Great track! Love the details and it rides great!


You’ve done a great job on this dude! Cant wait to see more from you 🙂


Great Track!!!


Skvělá trat! / Amazing track!


Any chance you could release a version for some of us on lower-end PCs pls?


Damn.. I get like 13 – 18 FPS but it drops even further down to 6 FPS at some parts :’(


Yeah *everything* was already on the lowest setting lol. Increasing anything makes the game unplayable for me sadly.. but it’s cool, thanks for replying! Cheers


Great Job on the track man, have had a couple days of riding it and it is a blast. So stoked for new tracks and your tracks so far have been awesome. Look forward to more tracks in the future. Awesome work all around