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2019 Nowra Motoplex


Hello everybody!
This track is the replica of the Australian track “Nowra Motoplex” located along Braidwood Road (just opposite the HMAS Albatross Naval Base) at Yerriyong. Some fun ontrack dirt. This compound includes 1 motocross track and 2 supercross tracks. First time tried to make sx track and they are feel nice to my mind.

All feedbacks will be appreciated. Will be glad to hear as positive as negative opinions and may be some lessons, what to change in the future.
Here is some photos of this insane work 🙂
Motocross track
Motocross track
Motocross track
SX track
SX track
Motocross track

yes, photos need to be better, ill fix next time^^

Maxim Barancheev – Instagram
Andrew Solberg – testing
Nowra Motoplex – Website
TFC – Tutorials
GDUB – Objects` tutorial
RedRider – Gate Asset Pack v1
Mulock22 – all time help
Giopanda – some of the objects
Resolute Kraken – Resolute MXB Track Builder Helper
Sorry, if i forgot somebody else, but thank you everyone, who help to do it!

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Made for Beta 17.

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I must say this is one of the sickest and most fun tracks i have downloaded i loooooove the flow and the ruts in the track


Really digging this. Great job man! Awesome to see another aussie track in game.


This is sick. I love the roughness for the corners


This is my favorite irl track thanks for making it


Local track baby
Thanks again maxime you legend


yes bro!


The ruts are sick dude !! Love the track <3

Cody James

I really like this track so im going to go on a rant of why its so great lol.

Motocross track-
The layout itself isnt crazy, its nice and not to tight or to open, mix of small jumps and big jumps.
The ruts are what make it so much more fun, After playing for 2 hours with a buddy you see that the inside/outside ruts are almost all close to the same speed and it makes battling so much more fun because you have so many lines to chose.
The ruts are also well made and they flow very well.
The one next to the small moto track is the best sx on the map imo.
Layout is nice and it has good line choice.
The triple landings are superrrr steep and the triples and pretty small imo but it adds a nice little flare to the track to try to master.
Whoops are harder than most but fun.

All n all great compound, love the ruts, great for getting better at MxBikes. Keep it up! <3


Cody said it all for the motocross
I’ll add that imo it is one of the most realistic track to ride on, it is perfect ratio of ruts/bumps and flows amazing
Good job, can’t wait for another track of yours


mxsim vibe

Meat Pie

My new favourite track! very fun to ride awesome work Максим, Спасибо большое!


this is a great track. well done, i really enjoy the line choices. thankyou


yo whats called in game? i hit the “—–” tab in testing, but still don’t see “nowra” or “2019 nowra” or nothin like that when tryin to play this mammy jammy. yes, its in the motocross track folder…


This track is very well done. Love the ruts and textures of the track. Extremely good “race” track.

Keep up the good work, it barks.


nice work lad.. 5stars eazy


Ill throw my hat in too and say it’s an unreal fun, technical track, and it’s just down the road from where I live now! I haven’t actually been there yet but I’ve spun so many laps on the track in game I’ll know it by heart when I do go. The only feedback I would give is a couple of the jumps takeoffs are pretty steep and can throw you around unless you hit them dead square, and I’m a lover of track cameras, so would be awesome to see some simple cameras in the futute. Really nice work man, look forward to more!


Thank you for the track