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Alright I know you’ve seen this gear before (twice), but this time I’ve pulled out all the stocks to make the most detailed, accurate and sexy gear set I could manage. And all on Gimp for those Photoshop-using infidels out there!This is the 2019 GP Air RACESHOP gear set from Troy Lee Designs. It comes in 6 colourways with 2 pant variations for each colour (now with a grey/black colourway). It might be a fairly basic design, but where this set really shines is in the details. Since first making this set last year I’ve learnt how to properly do stitching and shading, as well as normal, specular and reflection maps. Every logo, bit of stitching and different fabric type has its own shading, norms, spec, and r maps to make it really pop in game, especially under sunlight. I mean I ain’t gay, but I’ve spent more time looking at the riders pants than riding the last couple weeks.This set was a bit of a passion project and a test of my skinning skills to see how much I’ve improved since last year. I wanted to really push myself to see what I was capable of, and I’m pretty proud of the result. It certainly helped that this is my irl gear, giving me a good reference to work from, but it still required a lot of creativity to transfer it into the game. After finishing the gear I decided I’d release the psd too so others can add their own personal flair. I hope seeing the effort I put into this gear inspires some of you to put more effort into your own projects, to push yourself to learn new techniques and not skimp on the details, cause they definitely add up.


Finally a quick note about the psd(s). I’ve uploaded two. One is actually a Gimp .xcf file, and this is the one I recommend you use. I made the gear in Gimp, so customising it in Gimp will give you the best results. Unfortunately converting .xcf to .PSD slightly changes the shading layers because Photoshop lacks a key functionality Gimp has to edit blending modes. I’ve adjusted the shading layers to match the Gimp version as closely as I can, and it’s pretty damn close, just not 100%. It’s not any worse quality using Photoshop, I just thought I’d let you know what the deal is here. Feel free to add your own name, number and logos, or edit it how you want, but please don’t post any edits or new gear sets without consulting me first (Discord is Some_Doofus#2455). I plan on using this psd to make a few other GP gear sets so don’t be surprised if I don’t let you post new gear using any of my assets.Anyway, thanks for giving my gear a look. Sorry for the big soppy backstory but if you’ve read this far I love you long time <3 Hope y’all enjoy and I look forward to seeing some sexy screenshots!


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