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Hello this is just a skin i made when i got bored its also my 2nd bike skin but i think it looks pretty good, hope you like it. And thank you frosty122 for the exhaust!

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I couldn't get these to work on the track. They show up when I put them on the bike and in the main menu then when I get to the track it defaults to stock graphics. I only tried them while I was online not sure if it does the same in testing.

Just a suggestion you shouldn't use the black front number plate since the font color is the same on the side panels so if you choose black you can't see them on the front plate and if you choose white you cant see them on the side panels so either way your kinda screwed if you change the front plate to white you could see the font on all 3 plates. Other than that they look great and hope you can figure out why they are not showing up on the track.


you've joined the same server you have joined before. This is game logic because you've had an entry on the server before with the default paint but the same bike and same number – change your bike or your number and then you'll get a new entry on the server with different paint selections.