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2020 Ferry Compound (Remastered)



What’s up boys!

I’ve decided to break open a previous track I made and completely remaster it with all new textures, objects, and more. This was the 2nd compound I have ever made, and was really just getting my feet wet

The supercross track has been completely rebuilt, has 24 pits but only 10 gates

The sand track has been updated with centerlines but there is no start gate, so its more of a practice/turn track. Also has 24 pits

The main motocross track has a few minor heightmap tweaks, just to make it flow a little better. 40 pits, and 40 gates

Soft Soil used across entire map

I upscaled everything, the original was 1:1 scale but found it super tight and just not really enjoyable. The timing gates around the 3 tracks aren’t super strict, but if you try and scumbag some lines you’re lap will most likely not count. Skydome image is a little wonky, so just try to ignore that. I may update with corrected skydome texture in the future

Thank you to everyone that has helped me along my journey

And special thanks to;

EarthWurx – for guiding me and answering any questions I have

Resolute Kraken – Track builder and tutorials

Red Rider- EarthWurx bales and banner, Water & Dump trucks, EarthWurx machines

Jesse Mulock – Help & truck object

Ryan Cardno – Warehouse & garages

Dylan Frish – Fence object

ParaMoto – Camper

Kellz – helped me figure out my tree issues

MoukLabs – Skydome object, and tutorials

Bishop & Typical Canadian – for roasting my textures and inspiring me to redo them and make them look even better than what i had

Fluke – help 🙂



Hey everyone, hope you have been enjoying so far. I updated the main mx track centerline and I also figured out my soil issue. I fixed some jumps and made it all around more enjoyable. I’ll have more updates as I continue to fix small things. SX track will get an overhaul as well

HUGE thank you to Jesse Mulock, this update wouldn’t have happened so quick if it weren’t for him


What’s up everyone! Excited to present you with the 2020 version of The Ferry Compound. This is the home of retired pro motocross and supercross racer Tim Ferry, along with his son, Evan.

This will be my second release, but the first track I released is a WIP. I put a lot of time into this, and tried to get it as close to exact as possible. Some slight differences but nothing too drastic.

On this compound you will find a motocross track, supercross track, and a sand track. I’m not that great at building SX tracks so go easy on me. I was having problems with my centerlines unfortunately, but will have those fixed shortly.

I really hope you all enjoy this compound. None of this would even be possible without the help from the following:

TFC- track tutorials, Track Assets, Skies, and water truck
Ryan Cardno- Garage Pack
Phantomz- Skid Steer
And everyone in the discord for helping me with my thousands of questions, I appreciate you all <3

Mod Instructions

Download 1st & unzip the 2020FerryComp.rar, open the folder and drag the 2020FerryCompound.pkz, FerryCompoundSX.pkz, & FerryCompoundSand.pkz into your mods/track folder

mediafire is Server Version


Total downloads: 3930

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas. (2020 FERRY COMPOUND)
mediafire (SERVER VERSION)

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