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2020 FOX V3 100% Armega


Post Update 06/08/22: Added Template

I am finally releasing this helmet mod!

Big thanks to A.TEE for sharing it with us, it’s been a pleasure working with it!

Also huge thanks go to BamBeintz and L21 for all their work and effort they’ve put into creating all of the 13 helmet and 20 goggle paints. Your help means a lot to me!

The helmet model is based on the 2020 FOX V3 (non RS) but Bam did a lot of the +2021 RS paints so we get some variation into play.

I think this is my best import as of date, it is possible to create very nice reflections and chrome-ish looks on all parts, lens, strap and the shell itself.

The helmet comes with 10 custom replay cameras and allows the placement of helmet cams. As you can see, it also features mud layers on EVERYTHING.

Hope you enjoy, PSDs will come shortly!


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Less gooo! Lime Terracotta.


fo wheel


cracka is there a psd?




I´m glad I was able to help with the release. Love the final result


where this 3d is from?

just kidding, great helmet btw


this is sick


Im getting so confused with these helmet mods. i cant get any of them to show up….


make sure you put the .pkz and the folder (if there is one) in the helmets folder


As I check out every colorway and click through the goggles, I can’t believe this is free. A staggering amount of really impressive work. Thank you, everyone involved for real.


Ty mate, Bam and insane did a great job


appreciate the hard work, they look really cool! only gripe is and it’s with a lot of helmet models tbh is that the chin seems to be huge and you can fit a football near enough in the space between the riders jaw and the chin protection on the helmet


That could be more to do with the rider’s jaw or head itself being too small for the size of the hemlet. No doubt it would be hard to get the head aligned properly if it was bigger tho


I mean the size of the riders head is what it is, I guess you make it fit and look right? never made a 3d model or imported so I wouldn’t have a clue. I noticed the astars sm10 ands bell moto helmets seem to look spot on but most if not all the rest look off key


Christmas came early oh my Thank you


And only 1 300mb model no less. Stu could learn a thing or two xD


Great release, thank you very much!


Part of the goggles dont show up for me. is that for u guys to?


iNsane where can i find your Fox Instinct boots?


can anyone help me? where i must drop templates to make it work (sory for bad england)