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2020 Seven Zero Void PSD

This is my first ever MXB release as well as my first set of gear I have created for the game. Its pretty simple, just a real life replica. Didn’t spend too much time on it and I thought I might as well release it. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Im not sure why but whenever i go to put something like paints for gear into my game it wont work, same thing happens with almost all tracks. Im new to having a pc could someone help?


do you have winwar?


Ayeee tucks in da mx bikes now. Nice to see, sick gear


Hi, I have edited your PSD. 
Do you have #Discord? to show you what I changed.
and I will do the 2 colours that exist. the black and white colour and another that is blue and white.


thx dude


its a really sexy looking kit that I think a lot of editing could be done to it too make like team kit and all that jazz

check out my YouTube if you enjoy MXBikes its IN THE LINK BELOW