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2021 Aerial e-SX Round 3 – Houston 3


Here is the replica track of the 2021 AMA Supercross Round 3.


  • StoneRider
  • Niko Mouk (Mouk Lab)

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take that stupid ass wall out. it fucks up everything


I kinda agree with him. I mean I get that they might not’ve jumped the wall irl, but because the slow speed physics are so janky it would just be a lot easier to jump it, and it probably wouldn’t be that much faster anyway. It just feels wrong that some lines are artificially prevented for the sake of realism.


i just wanna tipple the wall jump :'( othewise great tack!


First off- wow! Awesome track. I’m new to the game and have had a hard time practicing supercross on a lot of tracks. This one is doable (whoops are hard- but not AESX H1 hard). Anyways, thank you for this.

One side note: I tried jumping over the roller and hit an invisible wall. I imagine that’s what the other guys are talking about. Respectfully, I think that it’s super out of place. I get why you’re doing it- but I think you could move the roller closer to the corner and extend the tuff blocks (so you can’t hit it from the start gate) instead of putting an invisible thing there… That’d definitely be more realistic IMO. Not the end of the world though 🙂 I thought it was a bug at first lol


Thanks a lot for these nice tracks ! Beautiful job !


Does anyone know why the download isn’t working for me? It just shows a blank page with the symbol in the middle

OG Roar

While I appreciate all the time that goes into these tracks, please don’t put invisible walls in.

We have seen time and time again where racers use obstacles not as they were intended in real races.