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2021 Aerial e-SX Round 4 – Indianapolis 1


Here is the replica track of the 2021 AMA Supercross Round 4.

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  • StoneRider
  • Niko Mouk (Mouk Lab)

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I can’t do a full lap without crashing on the supercross tracks, but I always put it down. 
and they are great!


it says download is no longer available

Roronoa Zoro

Bro all your tracks are fire. hard but fire im new to this game and for sure struggle but damn beautiful tracks


I love your tracks, I just feel like the corners are too mellow.


I really like this one cause I can actually ride it without dying every lap. Every section is justs challenging enough to keep you on your toes around the whole track, but nothing is prohibitively difficult. Really satisfying when you get all the sections figured out and get a flow going.
My one complaint is the addition of invisible walls again, specifically after the finish line jump. If you roll the finish line and try to double into the next section you’ll hit a wall. I understand why you had the wall on the last track because it was blocking off the easier “cheater” line, but this isn’t an easier line everyone would take, you’d only hit this line if you stuff up the finish jump. I don’t like the idea of artificially controlling the lines we can take, especially if it isn’t to prevent unfair lines. I still love the track, it’s probably my favourite you’ve done so far. Keep it up


i really like the tracks but please please please make the lips more peaky. if your jumps are this far apart and that round its really hard to get the pop to make is across


Hey all,
is there any reason why i keep getting a format error when trying use winrar for these tracks? what am i missing?


nevermind i have worked it out 😉