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2021 Aerial Yamaha Racing Team PUBLIC BIKES


Hey riders !! So I originaly wanted to release this when the team changed skin. But it has been asked so many times, and I have seen so many people use the team bikes that I have decided to release the public bikes now. 


Enjoy !!!

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That is so lame!!! People need to be respectful and not use others personal and team bikes.
We are blessed with so many people creating so many free bikes, tracks and gear all the time. Yet still people refuse to honor those creators one simple request to not use their personal stuff! These people should get banned. Just selfishness and a total lack of respect. I’ll bet those same people have never created a single thing to share on this game.
If you’re one of these pathetic losers please do us all a favor and go walk into oncoming traffic! Or just stop using other peoples stuff.

Is that lock tool working yet?


Oh and the bikes look sick!
Nice work!