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2021 Alphinestars Lawernce Brothers


Just created 4 sets of gear from Alphinestars for the Lawrence boy for mx bikes, took me quite a bit to make the sets, releasing the psd for the mantra soon which i made, also if you are interested in this psd or the psd’s hit me up @ C E N S O R#8858, I did a quick render thanks to Sonny for doing that for me.


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This for bikes or sim? Thumbnail misleading lmao


I think the gear looks good it’s just the model is seriously letting you down. It looks like a weird shape and has no shading or norms so doesn’t really look life like. As for improving your gear I’d recommend working on stitching with shadows and norms to make the gear more detailed and realistic


Norms must be saved as 32bit because otherwise it’ll assume the spec (which is the alpha channel of a normal map) is full white, making it glossy 🙂